EMX HAWK 1 Automatic Door Sensor

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The EMX line of HAWK motion sensors are great for fast moving doors and doors that will receive high amounts of traffic. These motion sensors use K band microwave technology to detect the presence of a moving object. This is similar to how radar systems work. The HAWK 1 motion sensor can be installed up to 10 feet high and the detection sensitivity can be adjusted by the moving of DIP switches. The HAWK 1 does have a timed relay that has the ability to control onedevice. To exit the property you will either have to use an additional HAWK 1 motion sensor or add a “nucleus” device to the door access control system.

The HAWK 1 motion sensor can be powered with both 12v and 24v power sources. PanicExitPro.com sells compatible 12v power options: Sentry E. Labs Transformer or Sentry E. Labs Transformer with Battery backup.

The HAWK 1 motion sensor is typically paired with a automatic door opener. To allow for automatic door exiting you will have to use an additional HAWK 1 motion sensor. This will create a completely automatic door system. To add additional locking devices and control to the access control system, you will have to add a “nucleus” device. The “nucleus” device is capable of controlling multiple devices and has the necessary inputs for exiting devices. “Nucleus” devices are indicated by a nucleus logo right on the product photo. These devices can include:

  • Keypad
  • Proximity card reader
  • GSM intercom
  • Timed Relay
  • The HAWK 1 uses K band microwave technology to detect moving objects either toward or away. The HAWK 1 can be set to detect motion in both directions. K band microwave technology works by sending out a signal, which is then bounced off of an object. The HAWK 1 will then determine the direction that the object is moving in.

    Manual: hawk1_instructions
    QB ID: HAWK1