Von Duprin Series 99 Single Point Side Latch Rim Panic Exit Device

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Product Details
Von Duprin 99 Rim Exit Device is designed to:

  • To fit all types of single and double doors with mullion
  • Cover stock hollow metal doors with 86 or 161 cutouts on single doors
  • Device length is 3 feet to fit 2’4" to 3’door width size
  • Includes Strike- 299 – Dull Black.
  • Include standard Hex key dogging
  • Include Latch Bolt-Deadlocking 3/4“ throw
  • Exit Only function (outside trim not included)
  • Von Duprin Series 99 <span style='text-decoration:underline;' onmouseover=javascript:generateFloatLayer(event,'Iframe1714') onmouseout=document.getElementById('Iframe1714').style.display='none'>Rim</span><iframe SCROLLING='no' src='glossary_detail.aspx?id=11081' frameborder='0' onload=this.height=Iframe1714.document.body.scrollHeight+20;document.getElementById('Iframe1714').style.display='none' id='Iframe1714' name='Iframe1714' style='position: absolute; z-index: 100; background-color: #eeeeee;width: 205px; font-size: 14px; padding: 15px;'></iframe> Exit Device on door
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    It is UL listed for Panic Exit and ANSI A156.3 – 2001 Grade 1.Von Duprin 99EO, exit only rim exit device. Series 98/99 exit devices with modern touchbar styling for heavy traffic applications. Device ships Exit Only, no outside operation. Trim available separately. Field selectable. Non-handed except when the following device options are used: SD (Special Dogging), -2 (Double Cylinder) or SS (Signal Switch). Finish is anodized aluminum (US28).

    Panicexitpro.com offers a comprehensive product range to control the movement of entry/exit point doors. It is essential for building owners to be able to strike a balance between opening security, safety and durability at a cost that meets business objectives. Panicexitpro.com products are designed to meet the most common installation and application requirements in the commercial marketplace so that these products exceed the needs of customers who value reliable door control products, excellent service, and prompt delivery. To this end, all panicexitpro.com emergency push bars are designed of the highest quality materials. The working internal mechanisms contain no plastic components, while the cover and chassis are made of stainless steel.

    Von Duprin created the first panic exit bar in response to the Iriqouis Theatre Fire of 1903 in Chicago. The fire caused the highest loss of life in history for a single building fire, taking a total of 602 lives in 20 minutes.

    Manual: 911373_4
    QB ID: 99EO