Commercial Door Hardware Panicexitpro

When purchasing a door, there are a number of commercial door hardware accessories to choose from depending on your security and aesthetic needs as well as the purpose of the door itself. For a general door, a door knob or handle would be enough. It’s just a matter of picking a piece of commercial hardware that matches the décor or your own taste. For a door requiring more security, there are key pads, electromagnetic locks, and bolt locks to choose from.

When installing commercial door security features such as electromagnetic locks, it is important to keep in mind whether you want them to be fail-safe or fail-secure. Fail-safe locks will unlock should the power fail, while fail-secure locks will stay locked if there is a power failure. There are also electric strikes, which can be deactivated to allow a door to swing open either way.

Another series of commercial door accessories are emergency door hardware accessories. These include but are not limited to panic bars and automatic door closers. This is a special set of commercial hardware allowing for quick exits in emergency situations that must be fire rated if they are to be attached to emergency doors.

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