Linear Access RE-2 Residential Telephone Entry System - Nickel Finish (RE-2N)

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The Linear RE-2 telephone intercom system taps into your incoming telephone line and provides a secure way of allowing or denying access to a secured door. The RE-2 is a “nucleus” device that will control both locking devices as well as exiting devices….

The RE-2 will tie into you main telephone line, but it does have the capabilities of dialing 3 other telephone numbers. In order to dial these three different numbers, a unique code must be entered in before pressing the call button. Another calling feature of the RE-2 is call forwarding, when this is enabled the RE-2 will call out to a programmed cell phone.

Programming the RE-2 is simple and there are 3 different ways that this can be accomplished. The three ways that the RE-2 can be programmed are: using the built in keypad, using a touch tone phone, or using a computer hooked up to the internet.

Up to 100 access codes (PIN numbers) can be programmed into the RE-2. The PIN numbers can be 1 to 6 digits in length. Built in to the RE-2 are a few security features. The RE-2 is able to recognize up to 7 “time zones,” these are periods of time where certain system features are active. Also after a string of incorrect PIN number the keypad will lockout for 3 minutes. There is also a 450 event log that catalogues the time and date of access events. This is retrievable either through the RE-2 or remotely using a computer.

The RE-2 is a “nucleus” device of the door access system. The built in timed relays will allow for the proper amount of time needed to unlock and open the door. Another feature of being a “nucleus” device is the ability of controlling exiting devices. These devices will communicate to the “nucleus,” then the “nucleus” will communicate to the locking device to unlock. These devices can include:

  • Push button
  • Hand sensor
  • Micro-Switch Panic Exit Bar
  • Switched handle
  • Fire release
  • The RE-2 has a cutout for a Knox Box (purchased separately) which will be used for emergency personnel so they will be able to enter the property. There is also a built in provision for the addition of a color CCTV camera.

    Manual: RE 2
    QB ID: RE-2N