LockeyUSA Panic Bar Shield Safety Kit - 24" Width & Silver Painted

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Product Details

The LockeyUSA Panic Bar Kit is available in these kits:

Value Kit Includes:

  • Panic Bar Shield (12" or 24" tall, adjustable from 28" to 54" gate frame)
  • Strike Mounting Plate
  • Keyed Cylinder and Trim Box

  • This is also available in two additional kits: Value Package & Security Package

    These kits come in 2 color options silver or black. However we can order unpainted kits if needed. To order a unpainted kit please call our sales reps.

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    The LockeyUSA panic bar shield kit is compatible with all panic bars on the market today. The kit comes shipped to you with no holes drilled as you will be marking and drilling your own holes depending on which panic bar you will be using. LockeyUSA designed these kits to fit the various needs of those wishing to add a panic bar to their chainlink fence and fit any budgetary issues.  

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    These plates are designed to give you mounting locations when mounting a panic bar to a chain link fence gate. These plate bar shields also add an additional level of security as they make it harder to access the panic bar from the other side of the gate. The optional keyed cyclinder or combination lever handle allow you the ability to access the property on other opposite side of the panic bar.

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    Mounting Plate Features:

  • Available in multiple kits for different price points
  • Adjustable mounting plate for surface mounted exit bars
  • 24" tall and width adjustable for 28" to 54" wide gate frame.
  • Sturdy construction made with 16-gauge electro-galvanized steel and a powder coat finish
  • Adjustable receiving latch
  • Available in either Silver, Black, Unpainted (by request only)
  • Available in two different widths: 12" or 24"
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    QB ID: LSPS-SAF24Silver