Screw Bolts (Sex Bolts) - Pack of Six

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Product Details

These Screw Bolts:

  • Help apply commercial panic door and emergency exit door hardware
  • Are designed for use on non-solid metal doors
  • Come in a set : one female & one male
  • Offer a sturdy stainless steel design

  • These stainless steel sex bolts are commercial panic door and emergency exit door hardware.

    These sex bolts are recommended for customers who have non-solid metal doors on which they wish to install a panic exit bar. The female sex bolt has a knurled barrel that holds steady so the male sex bolt can be secured from the other side. Male sex bolts require a Phillip’s flathead screwdriver for use. These sex bolts provide a measure of security as there is now way to loosen the sex bolts from the female side of the set. The price includes 6 pairs of - one female sex bolt and one male sex bolt. offers a comprehensive product range to control the movement of entry/exit point doors. It is essential for building owners to be able to strike a balance between opening security, safety and durability at a cost that meets business objectives. products are designed to meet the most common installation and application requirements in the commercial marketplace so that these products exceed the needs of customers who value reliable door control products, excellent service, and prompt delivery.

    Specifications:Max length= 2 1/4 inches Min Length= 1 7/8 inches

    QB ID: Sex Bolts