Sentry E. Labs Emergency Exit Sign Model GX-200NR (Red)


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Product Details

Sentry E. Labs Emergency Exit Sign Model Features:

  • Push to test switch
  • Injection-molded, VO flame retardant, high impact
  • Charge rate/power on LED indicator light
  • LED lamp life of 25 years plus
  • Back up battery: Duration time of backup: approx. 2 hours, Charging time: approx.20 hours
  • Listed for damp locations
  • Universal mounting canopy for top or side installation (wall or ceiling)
  • A simple, efficient and secure exit sign. Includes backup battery and works on either 120 or 277 VAC dual voltage operation. Faceplate includes knock-out left/right arrows. Enables universal installation: top, lateral or flush mount.

    This Sentry Electronics Labs emergency exit light is an essential for every business, large or small. Incorporating advanced technology to meet your professional needs, this brightly lit and slim design has universal mounting abilities. This necessary unit is easy to install and is energy efficient.

    SentrySafetyHardware is the premiere brand for panic crash bars, door closers and electronic entrance accessories. Our wide selection of tested and certified panic crash bars have been installed in hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and world. Certification helps business owners obtain a positive fire inspection report but equally as important: these certificates also convey the vigorous testing each of our models have been put through. Additionally, Sentry E. Labs accessories: exit buttons, strikes and locks are fully compatible with Sentry panic crash bars and door closers. When installing an exit system using our product line, you can take comfort in knowing that SentrySafetyHardware and Sentry Electronics Labs products will uphold the quality safety standards set forth by our founders.

    Manual: sentry e labs GX 200R
    Manual: Exit Accessories UL certificate new
    QB ID: GX-200NR (red)