Comelit HFX700M Color Hands Free Video Intercom Kit

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The Comelit Hands Free Color Video Intercom kit is a great way to add a video intercom at a great price. The Comelit video intercom is not a nucleus device. This video intercom does have the capability to control one locking device but it does not have request to exit (REX) terminals. However to gain the full use of the locking device you will need to add a timed relay. This is the simplest and most cost effective way to control your door system. If you do not use a device with timed relay you will have to press the door release button for the length of time that is needed to unlock the door.

The Comelit Color Video Intercom allows for the expansion of up to 4 additional monitors (audio or video) and a additional door camera. Built into the door camera is a LED ring light that is used during the nighttime to be able to use the video. At nighttime the video will be in black and white. The power output for the electric strike from the door camera can be swapped between 12v DC to 24v DC depending on the placement of the power jumper.

When you are installing the Comelit Color Video Intercom, the electronic locking device (electronic strike or electronic drop bolt) gets wired into the door bell unit. This is extremely convenient as you are not having wires directly to the base unit. This video intercom is not a “nucleus” device as it does not have the necessary request to exit terminals. A couple simple solutions to adding a “nucleus” device are:

All of these devices have the necessary timed relays and request to exit relays already built in

If you have elected to add a timed relay to allow for plenty of time for the door to remain unlocked, you will be able to add in additional exiting devices to round out the door access system. These devices include:

The switched handle and micro-switch panic exit bar do not need a timed relay to function as you will be keeping them in the activated position while you are exiting the door.

Manual: HFX-700M