SentrySafetyHardware is the premiere brand for panic crash bars, door closers, and electronic entrance accessories. Our wide selection of tested and certified products has been installed in hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and the world. On many occasions exit systems are the final addition to a new or renovated building; through our complete hardware line, we seek to provide all the necessary tools to accomplish a successful installation. SentrySafety panic crash bars and door closers not only allow for an easy exit but also help businesses meet tough fire safety requirements. Such safety inspections can affect the grand opening date of a hospital, office, or retail establishment. We are aware of this time-sensitive need; therefore, we only brand the most qualified items with the best performance.

SentrySafetyHardware is the name to know when installing a quality exit system. From panic crash bars to door closers, as well as a wide selection of door handles to compatible Sentry E. Labs accessories: you can trust in SentrySafety.