120 Series Stainless Steel Narrow Stile Vertical Rod Two Point Latch Rim Crossbar Exit Device

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Product Details

Postive Where to use this panic exit bar:

• Glass doors with a stile (metal frame) of at least 2"
• Steel, wood, and composite solid face doors
• Doors with a maximum with of 38.25"
• Doors with a maximum thickness of 3 3/8"
• Any door usage frequency
• Doors with a max height of 7 feet tall (standard) or 8 foot tall (with additional rod sold separately)
• Dual doors without mullions. Either two of this bar for doors that are independent of each other or this bar paired with a 100 Series Bar when there is an overlap or when you need one door to have outside access through a handle

Negative Where not to use this panic exit bar:

• Not UL certified, don't use if UL certification is needed for inspection. Click here for UL rated bars
• Not fire rated, not to be used on a fire break. Click here for a fire rated bar
• Cannot release a magnetic door lock, if door is held locked by a magnetic lock do not use this panic bar.Click here for a micro switch panic bar
• Does not have dogging, a way to hold the door unlatched. Click here if you need a panic bar with dogging

Features and Inclusions:

Rim type, simple surface mounting
• Includes steel strike for top of door frame and floor keeper for bottom of frame or floor
• Can be used right or left handed
• Purchase models separately for right or left hand mounting and/or with 28" or 36" push bar length
• Includes rods leading top and bottom of door (optional extended rod for taller doors available for purchase)

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Assembly Tips

Trimming the panic bar to size:

The actual bar that goes between the two handles is provided ready for sizing. To shorten the bar simply cut it with a hack saw or miter saw to the length needed. Drill a 3/16 hole in the bar for the set screw and attach to the handles.

Order correct right or left hand model:

This style panic bar is set up to be right or left hand and cannot be changed. To determine right or left hand purchase; stand in front of your door with the door swinging away from you. If the hinges are on your right, purchase a right hand. If the hinges are on the left, purchase a left hand.

Latching and mounting:

This panic bar is surface mount so the panic bar is placed on the rear face of the door. The rods lead to latches at the top and bottom of the door. ON the top will be a surface strike and on the bottom of the door a floor keeper that will allow a drip pin to go into the floor through a hole in the center of the floor keeper. On the door if you previously had a handle that will need to be removed. Caps are available for the hole left behind after the handle is removed. Door jamb brackets are also available to cover where the old handle latched to the frame. Mounting bolts are provided however depending on the material the door is made of you may switch to the same diameter in wood screws, self tapping metal screws, or for added strength - sex bolts (sex bolts have a female side on the outside of the door and a male side on the inside of the door and then they join in the middle of the door, Because both faces of the door are used for securing the bar it makes for a very strong hold.)

Optional products associated with this bar (purchased separately):

DK-360 Series panic exit bar with outside handle. The 120 series panic bar cannot be released from the outside. Since this panic bar is used primarily in a dual door application you can use the 120 series on one door and the DK-260 series on the opposite door. The DK-360 series top and bottom latch will lock one of the doors closed to the frame and the DK-360 series bar would lock the second door to the first door. The DK-360 series panic bar can be paired to an outside handle and thus this setup can give secure outside access using a 120 series.

Door Closer. There are a couple of variations of door closers with a few different features however the main purpose is the same; to make sure the door stays closed. Because this door will always latch to the strike this is a popular addition to ensure the door stays closed and locked.

Manual: 120_Series_Panic_Exit_Instructions
QB ID: 120S-360