V40 Detex Standard Rim Panic Exit Device - Aluminum - 628

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Postive Where to use this panic exit bar:

• Glass doors with a stile (metal frame) of at least 2 1/2" with 99 surface strike (standard)
• Steel, wood, hollow, metal, fiberglass or aluminum
• Doors with a maximum width of 36" (the bar is 32 inches wide if being used on a glass door max door width is 32 inches)
• (If purchasing outside handle) Doors with a maximum thickness of 2 1/4"
• Any door usage frequency
• Single doors, dual doors with mullions. 
• Doors that need a secure method of dogging
• Doors that require UL rating

Negative Where not to use this panic exit bar:

• Not fire rated, not to be used on a fire break. Click here for a fire-rated bar
• Cannot release a magnetic door lock, if the door is held locked by a magnetic lock do not use this panicbar. Click here for a micro switch    panic bar

Features and Inclusions:

• Rim type, simple surface mounting
• Withstands over 1400 pounds of static pull force for greater security
• Includes patented mounting plate and strike locator
• Can be used left or right-handed
• Standard weatherproof
• Available in aluminum or black finish

Assembly Tips

Changing from right or left-hand mounting:
There is no top or bottom to this panic exit bar. If the bar is rotated 180 degrees the latch will then face the other way for right or left hand mounting.

This panic bar is equipped with Allen key doggingDogging is a method of leaving the panic exit bar unlatched for free entry through the door. Allen key dogging is a secure method of unlatching the panic exit bar. Although an Allen key is a common tool it is something most individuals would not have on them. With the alternate method of dogging, knob dogging, anyone can walk up and flip the knob and the panic bar would be unlocked. When the Allen key is inserted and turn the latch on the end of the panic bar is retracted and held retracted until the key is turned back again.

Optional products associated with this bar (purchased separately):
Door Closer. There are a couple of variations of door closers with a few different features however the main purpose is the same; to make sure the door stays closed. Because this door will always latch to the strike this is a popular addition to ensure the door stays closed and locked.

Keyless Panic Trims and other Trims. If you need access from outside you must buy one of these accessories or the door will only be able to be opened from the inside using the panic bar. PanicExitPro offers LockeyUSA keyless locks, which take the place of the keyed cylinder and is most commonly used on panic devices. Lockey also has a variety of simple to install trims.

Manual: V40 series installation instructions
Manual: V40 series quick guide
QB ID: V40-628

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