Panic Bars Installation

The experts at Panic Exit Pro recognize that installing your exit system may be a new experience. This is why we have compiled helpful resources to assist you in your installtion; from a video install of a panic exit bar to electronic copies of manuals these free resources are available to you 24/7. If you are undecided about which panic exit bar to select, we suggest using our Accu-Choice system to assist in selecting products to fit our application needs.

View the video below to see a panic exit bar installation from start to finish. With just a few standard tools your panic exit bar can be successfully installed in just a matter of minutes. However, please note as each install job has unique circumstances(i.e., door material, width constrains) so, please use this video as a generic guide for your application. Learn how to properly measure, resize by sawing and apply entry trim to the door's exterior.

Exit Device
Panic Bars
Panic Bar Video Installation
General Panic Bar and Door Handle Installation
1000UL Panic Bar Shown
2000 Series:
Switching between Right and Left Handed
Panic Bar with electric strike
2200 Series:
Strike Top of Door Frame
Resize Bar
100 Series:
Handle and Strike
120 Series:
Floor Keeper
Latch and Strike
1200UL Series:
Top Frame Strike
Switching Mound
520 A Series:
Strike Top of Doorframe Explained
Key Release from Outside
510 A Series:
Outside Handle(optional)
Safety Feature

Available for Service or Installation in the Philadelphia Area
Channin Ward

Product Manuals
  Sentry Safety Hardware Exit Bars
  Standard Exit Bar Manuals
  DAC Industries Panic Exit Bars for Gates Manuals
  Von Duprin Exit Hardware Manuals
  Door Closer Manuals
  Door Closer Installation Templates
  Accessories Manuals
UL Certification

Sentry Safety Hardware knows that selecting a quality exit system can be a research intensive process. To make our product line easier to compare, we've organized the panic bars into an organized "series." This system helps take some of the guess work out of the selection process. However, in terms of UL approval and recognition Underwriters Laboratories certified the manufacturer's code. Please view the key below to identify and match our series to each UL certified panic bar.

Fire Exit Hardware

Panic Exit Hardware

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