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Access control can be a critical function of security and safety for your property. On the surface many find the idea of installing magnetic locks, electric door strikes and other such devices to be triggered by keypads, card readers or intercoms to be an intimidating thing. However Panic Exit Pro has simplified the process by locating some of the most user friendly versions of these commercial door hardware products and pairing them with our instructions and technical assistance.
When locking a door shut and releasing it electronically there are two ways to go.
One method is with a magnetic lock on the door, a microswitch panic exit bar on the door and an access control point on the outside (i.e. keypad, card reader, etc.). In this case because all of the magnetic locks are fail safe it is best to have a battery backup supply for the system. In the event of a power failure without a battery back up the system would fail to an unlocked state. The advantage of using a magnetic lock is the reliability of locking (since there are no parts latching into one another, locking is almost certain) and the holding force available.
Another is to retain mechanical latching for the panic exit bar and simply move the latching point out of the way with an electric strike for electronic access. Most of our electric strikes are fail secure, which means when power is not applied the latch remains in place. In the event of a power failure the door would remain securely locked. Also with or without power the panic exit bar would still allow exiting.
Lastly you will find on this page exterior trim for the panic exit bars. Any of the panic exit bars that come with a cylinder release for external access can utilize exterior trim for outside access.

Entry Devices

  • Appropriate for use on gates or doors where there is need for resistance to climatic conditions
  • Fully weatherproof, no cover is needed
  • 2000 Card capacity and 8 passcode capacity
  • Party Mode Available
  • Solar: Can be used on solar installations
  • Options: Has the option of using a built-in contact for doorbell enunciators.
  • Versatile: Use it as a keypad for some users and as a proximity card reader for others
  • Low cost: Low cost alternative to transmitters for multiple user access
  • Easy and convenient use: Just swipe in front of sensor
  • Secure: Can be disabled individually at any time
  • Inexpensive: Cheaper alternative to remotes
  • Designed to work with a Knox key
  • 12-24 VAC or VDC
  • Programmable master code
  • 1000 four digit code capacity
  • Free Shipping for Limited Time!
  • Control up to four devices with a single keypad
  • 200+ foot wireless signal
  • Keypad LED illuminates when numbers are pressed
  • 9 Volt battery included, lasts approximately 4 years
  • $76.99
  • Designed to work with solar applications
  • Has a power consumption of under 20uA
  • Programmable master code
  • 500 four digit code capacity
  • Single gang outlet box mounting for flush mount look
  • $130.94
  • This system includes the keypad and a hand held printer
  • System can be expanded using sub station keypads and RemotePro KP series card readers and intercoms
  • Track codes used, wrong codes, and audit trail a specific code
  • 000 five digit code capacity. Code range of 65535 or lower Includes sleep code and latch code capabilities
  • Free Shipping for Limited Time!
  • Up to 60 individually editable codes
  • Wired or wireless for convenience
  • Keypad back light illuminates when numbers are pressed
  • Hardened plastic case, auto shut-out after a series of wrong codes are entered
  • $69.99
  • 1 to 6 Digit User Code
  • Built-in Piezo Sounder and Built-in downlight for keypad illumination
  • Megacode Radio Format
  • 9 Volt Battery Powered
  • Weatherproof Metal Enclosure
  • Free Shipping for Limited Time!
  • Open voice door answering with door release control.
  • Communication volume control
  • System automatically turns off in 15 seconds
  • Battery (4 "C") or DC (SKK-620) powered.(Batteries or Power Supply NOT included)
  • Max Distance 490' with 18 AWG
  • 2 conductor, non-polarized wiring between door and master station (with separate 2 conductor wiring for door release)
  • Free Shipping for Limited Time!
  • Simple door answering
  • Electronic call tone from door station
  • Press-to-talk communication at master
  • Hands Free communication at door
  • Monitor entry area: undetected from inside
  • $177.50
  • Convenience
  • Night Viewing
  • Safety
  • Easy Installation
  • Fusion of form and function
  • Free Shipping for Limited Time!
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