card reader

  • Appropriate for use on gates or doors where there is need for resistance to climatic conditions
  • Fully weatherproof, no cover is needed
  • 2000 Card capacity and 8 passcode capacity
  • Party Mode Available
  • Solar: Can be used on solar installations
  • Options: Has the option of using a built-in contact for doorbell enunciators.
  • Versatile: Use it as a keypad for some users and as a proximity card reader for others
  • Low cost: Low cost alternative to transmitters for multiple user access
  • This system includes the keypad and a hand held printer
  • System can be expanded using sub station keypads and RemotePro KP series card readers and intercoms
  • Track codes used, wrong codes, and audit trail a specific code
  • 000 five digit code capacity. Code range of 65535 or lower Includes sleep code and latch code capabilities
  • $999.00
  • Compatible with keypads, card readers, electromagnetic locks, and electronic exit bars
  • Available in left or right-handed
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