EMX Drive Thru Vehicle Sensor | USVD-4X

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This device uses patent pending Triangular Planar Array (TPA) technology to reliably detect the presence of a vehicle in a wide variety of drive-thru applications including parking, access control, car wash, banking and fast food. Unlike a vehicle loop detector configuration that requires the installation of a loop in the pavement, the USVD may be simply mounted on a post or order box and aimed at the location of the vehicle when in position to perform a transaction or place an order. Also, unlike other technologies, the USVD does not require any set up or functional adjustments, other than simply installing and aiming. The USVD greatly reduces the cost associated with installation of vehicle detection capabilities compared to loop detectors for these types of applications. onedevice.

The USVD requires 12-24VDC/VAC and provides a form “C” set of relay contacts indicating vehicle presence. Utilizing TPA technology, the detection head consists of 4 ultrasonic transducers that connect to the control board. The detection head “scans” the expected location for a vehicle and activates its output upon detection of a vehicle. The USVD provides a 2.0 second response. A green indicator on the USVD control board flashes indicating power and no vehicle detection and continuous on indicating vehicle detection. Individual green indicators located near each transducer connection flash when an echo from a surface 1-5ft. in front of the transducers is present. The solid-state FAIL output is activated when a solid object, such as ice, is present preventing 1 or more transducers from vibrating. up

  • Keypad
  • Proximity card reader
  • GSM intercom
  • Timed Relay

  • QB ID: USVD-4X

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