TB950 LockeyUSA Magnum - Heavy Duty Gate Closer

Brand: Lockey USA
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The Lockey TB-950 Magnum pedestrian gate closer is an all-in-one closer and hinge system which is designed for installation on high use gates.With the closer unit concealed inside a strong steel housing, the Lockey TB-950 Magnum is tamper and vandal resistant.

Installation of the Lockey TB-950 Magnum is normally done when the gate is being fabricated,but can be done afterwards, if required. The closer housing and bottom support are welded to the bottom of the gate and post, and the closer top pivot is welded to the top of the post. When the closer housing, bottom support and top pivot are welded to the gate and post, they can be galvanized/painted along with the gate and posts. Whether the closer is for use with a lock, latch or electromagnet, the two hydraulically controlled speed adjustments will give the correct closing speed. There is one control to adjust the closing speed, the other regulates the latching speed. Both controls are hidden underneath the gate closer housing and can be easily adjusted with an Allen key.

The gate closer housing includes a mechanical stop which restricts the opening of the gate to avoid damaging the closer. The closer can be set for right or left hand without any additional parts or fabrication work. Limited maintenance is required, only regular gate inspection and periodic lubrication.


  • Self closing
  • Acts as hinge
  • Two speed adjustments - Closing & Latching
  • Can be mounted on either top or bottom of gate
  • 2-way operation (swing-in/out)
  • For right or left-handed gates
  • Specifications:

    Maximum Gate Weight: 240 lbs.
    Maximum Gate Width: 4 feet
    Maximum Opening Angle: 90 degrees
    Minimum Operating Temp.: -40°F

    TB950 Magnum Gate Application Sample:

    TB950 Magnum
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    Manual: TB950-Magnum-Instructions
    QB ID: TB950

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