Sentry Safety Trim: Dummy Finger Handle (#004)

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  • Easy to install
  • Constructed of stainless steel
  • Difficult to tamper with because of its compact design
  • Recommended for use with the 300 and 500 series emergency exit bars
  • Appropriate for low traffic entryways 

This Sentry Safety stainless steel finger door handle can be used with any panic or emergency exit door.

This Stainless Steel Finger Pull Handle is secure and easy to install. The compact design and stainless steel construction make this handle a secure accessory for any door - it is difficult to tamper with because of its small size and durability. This Sentry Safety model is also easy to install as it comes with a pre-cut hole to accommodate the cylinder locks that come with many emergency exit bars. This handle is designed to be used with emergency bars that come with dogging, a function that can be set to keep the bar in a depressed position, remaining open. Only when the dogging is turned on can this handle be used to open the door. Sentry Safety recommends using the 300 and 500 series emergency bars with this handle, which is designed for outside, low traffic entryways, such as those found in warehouses.

[ About Us ] offers a comprehensive product range to control the movement of entry/exit point doors. Building owners need to be able to strike a balance between opening security, safety, and durability at a cost that meets business objectives. products are designed to meet the most common installation and application requirements in the commercial marketplace so that these products exceed the needs of customers who value reliable door control products, excellent service, and prompt delivery.

Sentry Safety Hardware is the premier brand for panic crash bars, door closers, and electronic entrance accessories. Our wide selection of tested and certified panic crash bars have been installed in hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and world. Certification helps business owners obtain a positive fire inspection report but equally as important: these certificates also convey the vigorous testing each of our models has been put through. Additionally, Sentry E. Labs accessories: exit buttons, strikes, and locks are fully compatible with Sentry panic crash bars and door closers. When installing an exit system using our product line, you can take comfort in knowing that Sentry Safety Hardware and Sentry Electronics Labs products will uphold the quality safety standards set forth by our founders.

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