5 Watt Solar Panel with 10yr Warranty (GC122)

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5 Watt Solar Panel with 10yr Warranty (GC122):

This unit is a complete solar alternative kit. Complete with stand and wire, this kit replaces the need for a 110v connection. The solar panel trickle charges the battery the same as the 110v connection. It is perfect for remote locations, long driveways, or energy conservative individuals. Solar energy is the cleanest, safest form of power available; using the sun for energy benefits the environment as well as your wallet and eliminates the concern of power outages. The solar panel is completely weatherproof and virtually indestructible. The non-glass solar panels feature a clear front covering and are mounted to an anodized aluminum frame. The heart of the solar panel is the collection of solar cells, which optimizes the amount of energy absorbed even in low light situations. Each cell transforms the sunlight into energy through a photovoltaic process (converting photons into electrons). Working as a cohesive unit these cells can generate electricity that will work with solar compatible opener systems. As a rule of thumb, more frequent cycles (a cycle is defined as one open and closure) the more solar wattage you’ll need. Review your opener manual for information on which panel would best suit your needs. *Make and model may vary from picture above. Optimum Orientation for Solar Panels: (Your Latitude x 0.9) + 29 Degrees= # of degrees your panel should be angled towards true South from the horizontal position (laying flat pointing directly up)

Manual: Solar_Panel_Mounting
QB ID: GC122

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