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Estate Swing support accessories for greater access, safety, and convenience. As an add-on to the system, gate opener accessories are more than transmitter remotes; they are helpful tools to enhance access, save time, boast safety, and prevent unauthorized entry. Estate Swing works directly with manufacturers to develop accessories that bring new features to the market.

  • Control up to four devices with a single keypad
  • 200+ foot wireless signal
  • Keypad LED illuminates when numbers are pressed
  • 9 Volt battery included, lasts approximately 4 years
  • $76.99
  • Has the ability to control two separate devices or two different relays on a control board
  • Can learn up to 400 codes
  • $79.22
  • Features a range that most of the time exceeds 300 feet
  • Each button on this remote sends a unique code
  • $26.99
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