A Door Push Bar for Easy Accessibility Panicexitpro

A door push bar is a bar on the inside of a door that, when pushed, will open a door. Whether a simple model or a model with a push pad, door push bars can be fitted for any door. Door push bars also come in either stainless steel or pained red to mark emergency doors.

The goal with any door featuring a push bar is to have it open as easily as possible; requiring less than 15 lbs of applied weight. So, when accessory shopping for your push bar, deadbolts or bolts of any kind should not be on your shopping list. Door latches for the outside of the door, however, will assist people trying to enter the building.

A Safety Sentry door closer will complete your push bar accessory collection; allowing the door to close itself after someone exits through the push bar door. Keep in mind that door push bars are good for medium and high traffic areas. Also, a general push bar does not need to be fire rated unless it is attached to an emergency door. In such cases, a fire rated push bar and accessories are required.

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