A Fire Panic Bar from Panic Exit Pro Panicexitpro

A fire panic bar is a bar on the inside of a door that when pushed will open a door. Fire panic bars will also hold a door shut during a fire; securing the surrounding firewall and keeping a fire contained. Whether a simple fire panic bar or a bar with a push pad, fire panic bars can be fitted for any door. Fire panic bars also come in either stainless steel or pained red to mark emergency doors.

The goal with any door featuring a panic bar is to have it hold shut in a fire. For example, hospitals are divided into different wings by firewalls and fire doors so if a fire breaks out in one wing, it will not spread to the other wings. If a panic bar fails to hold a fire door shut, however, the open door provides an escape route for the fire to spread.

The difference between a general panic bar and a fire panic bar is that a fire bar has been tested and approved for installation on doors set in firewalls. A panic par should be able to last at least 3 hours in a fire; allowing time for people to escape the area and for fire crews to put out the fire. The same goes for any hardware attached to a fire door so make sure you get fire rated equipment for a fire door including the door closing mechanism and the lock system.

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