Automatic Door Closer Products Available Panicexitpro

An automatic door closer comes in multiple forms. Some are simple tension bars while others are motorized that allow you to set how fast or slow you want a door to close. Automatic door closers generally look and act like a human arm; expanding as a door opens and contracting when it closes.

Automatic commercial door closers come in a variety of styles and prices and can be installed on most doors. When shopping around, it is important to check the weight of the door as some automated door closers have a limit regarding how much weight it can handle. Some automatic commercial door closers may not be able to function in extreme heat or cold as well.

If cost is not a factor, one feature available in a motorized automated door closer is a sensor that forces the attached door to open back up if it encounters resistance while closing. Otherwise automated commercial door closers run relatively cheap depending on the make and model.

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