Commercial Door Closer Applications Panicexitpro

Door Closer Options from Panic Exit Pro

As a device that assists in closing/latching speed, a door closer is engineered to work in commercial applications. These applications include commercial/industrial areas like warehouses or office buildings. You may have seen a door closer applied to entryways that are in schools or universities, healthcare facilities, or retail establishments. Additionally, they can be located in hotels or conference centers and even found at your local church. A door closer looks like an arm that extends and contracts with a door's movement and aids the successful latching of a door.

There are different types of door closers made for each unique application. To begin with, there are surface mount door closers and concealed door closers. The surface mount is most common because they can be mounted to a door that is already installed. There are various installation configurations on the market today like standard, parallel arm and top jamb. A standard or regular arm is installed on the pull side of the door. Parallel mount is installed on the push side of the door and extends nearly parallel to the door. The last surface mount configuration is the top jamb; mounted to the doors frame, its most commonly used for exterior doors that swing away from the building. As an alternative, a concealed door closer is built into the door and create a more streamlined appearance.