Door Closers - A Beginner's Guide Panicexitpro

Door Closers from Panic Exit Pro

Door closers are hardware that assists in closing the door at a specified speed. Attached to the top of the door by the side of the hinge, a door closer helps commercial doors close at a slower speed. Modern door closers are spring-loaded hydraulic devices that work to control the speed of closure helping pedestrians in their egress. The door closer also works to maintain the door's hinge because it produces less impact on the overall door.

Door closers are commonly found on commercial doors in retail establishments, office buildings, schools and restaurants. Door closers can range from standard to advanced features. As each exit door has unique requirements, there is a large variety of door closers on the market today that seek to fill this need.

Consider the following:

  1. What is the weight of your door?
  2. What is the material of your door?
  3. What kind of traffic flow does the entryway have: low, medium or heavy?
  4. Do you need a UL listed door closer?
  5. What are the door closer installation requirements: regular/standard, top jamb or parallel arm?
  6. What functions should the door closer have: delayed action? back check? latch Speed?
  7. Is the closer specific to one hand (left or right) or non-handed?
  8. What finish would best suit the door ?
  9. Most door closers are relatively maintenance free, requiring minimal inspections or adjustments. Furthermore, the most common type of door closer, surface mount can be installed on a door that is already hinged.