Electric Door Openers Promote a Healthier Environment Panicexitpro

Here’s just one of the many instances where electric door openers would come in handy – you are trying to leave a room, when it occurs to us how many people have touched the door before you. In cases where the room being entered or exited is a restroom or at a medical facility, the location conjures up images of what occurs in those places and all the microscopic organisms left by people coming and going who may not have washed their hands.

The wonderful feature of electric door openers is they can have a button wired in; something that you can push with your hip rather than your hands. A more sanitary addition, however, is the installment of a no touch sensor. You walk right by and the door opens. No more pushing open doors touched by people who neglect to wash their hands. No more grabbing wet door handles that you hope are wet with a combination of water and soap instead of some other fluid. This is an excellent feature for medical facilities as well. No one wants to touch a door that someone with a disease has touch.

In addition, someelectric door openers allow the owner to customize settings, such as how far the electric opener door can open and how fast it closes again. In medical facilities, the adjustability of these settings allows people to enter the building without exerting too much effort, especially if they have difficulty with doors. It is important, however, to make sure a door with an electric door opener can be opened without electricity should there be a power failure.

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