Exit Bar Solutions Available Panicexitpro

Exit bars or push bars are those bars on the inside of a door that when pushed will open a door. Exit bars are great tools for making it easier to open a door. However, when installing an exit bar on a glass door, things get complicated. Before purchasing an exit bar for your glass door, it is important to not only know the width of the door frame, but also how deep the glass goes into the door frame. These measurements will determine what kind of bar you can install and what accessories you can add.

What style of bar you install on your glass door depends on how thick the frame of your door is. Some bars only need the width of the frame to be 1.5 inches. A bar with a push pad, however, will require at least 3 inches of space so the push mechanism can be installed.

Adding an outside lock also complicated matters. The installation of an outside lock requires bolts to be able to fully penetrate the door frame without going through the glass. This measurement also affects what door closer you can add and if you can add an electric strike lock.

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*Note: Some electric strike locks are made specifically for glass doors so make sure the one you are purchasing is for glass doors.