Panic Bar Styles Panicexitpro

Panic Bar Options from Panic Exit Pro

A panic bar, or sometimes referred to as a crash bar is most often used for easy egress in daily use and for emergency exit. There are different styles to crash bars. Most important is the separation between the crash bar's function. Specifically, a crash bar can be used on standard doors, fire doors and even exterior, on chain link gates.

Each of these crash bar versions offers something to the commercial hardware market. When a crash bar is installed on an exit door, it can be for various applications like retail store exit doors, warehouse, in a hospital or in an office.

There are a few variations to the crash bar, they are as follows:

  • Single door setup/dual door setup
  • Press type/ push pad
  • Semi s length/full length
  • With a cylinder lock/ without
  • Low traffic, medium traffic or high traffic areas
  • UL certified / non-certified
  • Painted silver, painted red or stainless steel
  • Standard /alarmed

Alternatively, a fire exit crash bar may have similar variations but it has an extra purpose; it meets a three hour fire resistance test. Fire rated crash bars are used on fire rated doors and should not have a dogging feature.

A crash panic bar that is used outside on chain link pedestrian gates may also have the aforementioned options, however they are rugged enough to withstand weather conditions and are generally applied using an adjustable mounting plate.