Panic Bars - A Beginner's Guide Panicexitpro

Panic Bars from Panic Exit Pro

Panic bars are used on doors in businesses, hospitals and other commercial buildings to enable easy exit. Installed on the interior of the door, a panic bar can come in "press" or "push" style. They offer a wide enough platform for adults and children to be able to exit without lifting or turning a handle. Many people have encountered panic bars their whole lives without knowing the name of the exit hardware. At we seek to educate about panic bars and other exit door equipment.

Many small business owners are tasked with hiring contractors to install a panic bar in their establishment. Local laws vary but in some circumstances people who are handy do-it-yourself type can actually perform the install themselves without having to hire outside help. Beginners could use to research a few aspects of panic bars before they make a purchase.

Consider the following:

  1. What kind of traffic flow does the entryway have: low, medium or heavy?
  2. Is it a single or dual set up?
  3. Is the panic bar "exit only?" Or will exterior handles be needed for entry purposes?
  4. What hardware finish/color scheme works for this door?
  5. Does it need a lock function? Or an alarm?

Using your answer, you can narrow your list for of panic bars and start to hone in on the best panic bar to suite a specific business need.