Panic Bars Defined – A Wide Selection Available Panicexitpro

Panic bars or push bars are those bars on the inside of a door that when pushed will open a door. Whether a simple panic bar or a panic bar with a push pad, panic bars can be fitted for any door. These bars also come in either stainless steel or pained red to mark emergency doors.

The type of panic bar you purchase depends upon the kind of door it will be attached to. If the door is a single door, a simple panic bar will suffice. However, if your door setup is two doors side by side, you will need to purchase two bars with vertical rods that attach to the door frame.

Vertical rods are not required if your double doors have a mullion between them. A mullion is the dividing bar between two doors. The presence of a mullion means each door can be treated as if it were a single door and only require a couple of simple panic bars.

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