The Electric Door Opener Difference Panicexitpro

Why should you choose an electric door opener? Because doors are rather limited in how one is able to open them. If you cannot follow its specific opening process (turn the knob and push/pull), then it will remain closed to you. This is an issue faced by a number of handicapped people whether it’s someone who does not have used of their hands or someone with a wheelchair unable to push or pull the door open. Electric door openers aid in these issues immensely.

The wonderful feature of electric door openers is their ability to be opened with the push of a button or the passing through a sensor. Either of these actions will send a signal to the electric door opener telling it to open and remain open for a set amount of time. It is easier to push a button than to turn a door handle; allowing anyone who can apply a little pressure to the button to open the door. Some electric door openers also come with remote controls that can be used to open a door.

In addition, someelectric door openers allow the owner to customize settings, such as how far the electric door can open and how fast it closes again. Installing a sensor removes any need for a handicapped person to do anything but approach the door. It is important, however, to make sure a door with an electric opener can be opened without electricity.

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