What Makes an Automatic Commercial Door Opener So Special Panicexitpro

So, why is an automatic commercial door opener so important? We’ve all been there. You are trying to leave a building with your arms full when you come across the door. If you are lucky, there is a push bar that you can use your body to push open. However, as soon as you remove the pressure on the bar, the door swings shut; potentially hitting you on the way out.

With an automatic door opener, a door can be opened with the push of a button and stay open long enough for you to exit. Common examples of automatic commercial door openers are handicap door buttons to help disabled people open doors. Automatic commercial door openers also can come with remote controls that can be used to open the door.

In addition, someautomatic commercial door openers allow the owner to customize settings, such as how far the commercial opener door can open and how fast it closes again. Combining an automatic door opener with an electric sensor can also make opening a door that is much easier for people whose arms are full. It is important, however, to make sure a door with an automatic door opener can be opened without electricity and all sold through Panicexitpro.com have this ability.

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