Sentry E. Labs IR No-Touch Request-To-Exit Motion Sensor (SD-927PKC-NEQ)

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The Sentry E. Labs Infra Red (IR) No-Touch Request-To-Exit Sensor must be used in conjunction with a device that has a built in time relay. This hand sensor is not waterproof and should only be used in interior rooms. There is a LED ring that is illuminated and changes colors when activated. The hand sensor uses a single gang sized stainless steel face plate.

Sentry E. Labs IR No-Touch Request-To-Exit Sensor
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This hand sensor requires the use of a 12v DC power source. You can choose between the Sentry E. Labs Transformer or Sentry E. Labs Transformer with Battery backup.

As there is no built in time relay, this sensor must be used with an access control device. The access control devices have built in time relay that will allow the lock to remain in the unlock position for a set period of time. These devices can include:

  • Keypad
  • Proximity card reader
  • GSM intercom
  • GSM receiver
  • Automatic Door Opener
  • Timed Relay
  • In order to activate the IR hand sensor, you must place your hand in front of the sensor and your hand must be within 4 inches from the sensor. The Sentry E. Labs IR hand sensor is great for doctor offices, labs, and any other environment that needs to free from possible cross contamination. This is also a great option to trigger automatic door openers where hand strength is low, such as in retirement homes or physical rehabilitation facilities.

    Mounting Depth: 1 inch

    Manual: SD 927PKC NEQ 4
    QB ID: SD-927PKC-NEQ

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