Aiphone Classic Voice Door Answering Intercom System - 1 Indoor Station(C-123L/A)

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Aiphone Classic Voice Intercom System:

This system has one station at the door and has the option of one or two master station(s) in the business. The classic intercom is a simple as it gets, and with simplicity comes reliability. From the door you will run a 2 conductor wire to the indoor station(s) and from the indoor station(s) you will run a 2 conductor wire to the door. The door release button is active all the time; it can be used anytime to open the door, not just when someone calls in. Talk to your guest and open the door with 2 buttons... Simplicity. Package Contents: One or two (1/2-depending on option selected) C-ML/A master station for the business One (1) C-D door station Packet of screws Installation and Operation Manual

Manual: C 123LA%20Instr
Manual: C 123LW%20Instr
QB ID: C-123L/A


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