DAC 6300 Mechanical Combination Door Lock for 6045 & 6047 Kits


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Product Details

The DAC 6300 Mechanical Combination Lock for 6045 & 6047 Kits features :

  • Fully Mechanical
  • Large Easy To Depress Push Button
  • Exterior Access By Combination
  • Combination code that Can Be Changed
  • Brush Chrome Finish
  • Compatibility with the D-6045 and D-6047 Pedestrian Gate Kits
  • Weight 5lbs
  • This exterior mechanical combination lock is a perfect option for outdoor pedestrian gate installations that are equipped with the D-6045 or D-6047 pedestrian gate kits. This is for the outside of the property coming in. The 6300 uses a mechanical lock, which means no wires, batteries or electricity. Code can be easily changed, and it accepts 5 digit codes.

    QB ID: 6300


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