FAAC Automatic Electric Door Opener - DM-BM

Brand: FAAC
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[ Product Description ]

This is an electric mechanical anti-crush swing door opening and closing device convenient for hands free, disabled, and handicap access.

FAAC's automatic door has revolutionized the market. The FAAC 950 is offered in four models:

  • DM-BM: Door Mounted unit with a sliding arm that attaches to the frame. Motorized in the opening direction and spring loaded in the closing direction.
  • DM-BSM: Door Mounted unit with a sliding arm that attaches to the frame. Motorized in both the opening and closing directions.
  • FM-BM: Frame Mounted unit with a articulating arm that attaches to the door. Motorized in the opening direction and spring loaded in the closing direction.
  • FM-BSM: Frame Mounted unit with a articulating arm that attaches to the door. Motorized in both the opening and closing directions.
Technical Specs. 950 BM - 950 BSM
  • Power Supply 230 Vac (+6% - 10%) 50 (60) Hz
  • Absorbed Power 100 W
  • Use Frequency: Continuous
  • Drive Unit 24Vdc Motor With Encoder
  • Activation Electro-Mechanical with Return Spring
  • Anti-Crush Device Standard
  • Dimensions 21 x 4 x 4-1/8 in. (WxHxD)
  • Weight 22 lbs
  • Opening Angle 70 degrees – 95 degrees
  • Opening Speed Adjustable from 30% to 100%
  • Closing Speed Adjustable from 30% to 100%
  • Pause Time Adjustable 1 to 30 seconds
  • Standard Operating Logics Automatic-Manual-Open
  • Available Pushing Arms: Articulated Thrust, Articulated Pull On Slide
  • Transformer
  • 950 I/O Control Board
  • 950 MPS Control Board
  • Positioning encoder
  • Either a door mount or frame mount arm
  • Two drive shaft extending spacers: 30mm and 60mm

FAAC is an Italian company recognized for its innovative and aesthetic designs. It is one of the first automated opener designers to use microprocessors and other advanced technological applications. Additionally, it meets or exceeds European safety requirements, as well as UL standards in the U.S. FAAC is also ISO-9001 certified, so consumers can be assured of the highest safety and quality products.

The 950 is operable both motorized and manually, and because of FAAC's attention to aesthetics, it is nearly silent in either mode. The electro-mechanical system, with direct current motor and activation arm, works smoothly and quietly to minimize operating noise level.

Because of the two electronic boards—950 MPS (control board) and 950 I/O (input/output board), intelligence control is assured. The microprocessor provides real time control of all the door's activities, and an encoder detects the door's angle at all times; in other words, the encoder can determine if the door is open, and how much. The customer can select operation preferences (automatic, manual, night, open) with a selector built into the automated system.

The innovative and advanced design of this product, and the qualifications of the manufacturer, makes the 950 Door Closer sturdy, reliable, and, above all, safe. In compliance with current safety regulations, speed and force are programmed according to the door’s dimensions (see table below). If the door meets an obstacle, it re-opens immediately and, when it closes the next time, it verifies clearance of the obstacle at a slow speed.

The FAAC Motorized Automatic Door Closer is UL approved. 
The closer also meets ADA standards. The Americans with Disabilities Act relates to the U.S. governments requirements which work to enhance the mobility and accessibility for disabled individuals.

The FAAC Motorized Automatic Door Closer Description

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